Jeff Warrin is a Bolinas, California-based filmmaker, photographer and installation artist.  He has presented work at the Whitney Biennial, the New York Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Sundance Film Festival.  

As a member of the collaborative art trio, Silt (1990-2005), he co-created a body of work that explored both the intimate and expansive potentialities of the projected image, while engaging in paranaturalist inquiries into the layers of form and history in a given landscape.

In 2005, he returned to still photography as a means to “scale-down” from the large-scale installation/performance work with Silt.  His recent photographs using long-exposures and a hand-held camera come out of a somatic and gestural participation with the wild landscape surrounding his coastal home.

In 2015 he founded a production company, Metabolic Films, and began producing and directing narrative films that explore the reciprocity between human perception and the landscapes we inhabit.  The narrative short, “The Far Near Shore,” was completed in 2017. He is currently in pre-production on a short, based on a story by Anton Chekhov.

The early Super 8 films of Silt, like “Kuch Nai” and “Shadows of the Son” —both award-winners at the San Francisco International Film Festival, used elaborately primitive re-photographing setups, projecting through water, smoke and other materials to create a handmade, dimensional cinema.  By the mid-nineties these apparatuses became part of live performances, where multiple projections created a combinatory choreography that extended the human touch into the field of projection.  The pieces, “Landsend” and “For the Unaided Eye and Hand Lens,” both performed behind a diaphanous, rear-projection screen, invited viewers to connect the space between the images and the makers.

By the late nineties Silt’s work had expanded out of a traditional “screening” context and began incorporating sculptural and kinetic objects as three-dimensional extensions of the moving image.   By activating an entire gallery as an image space, viewers were encouraged to participate perceptually/bodily in a pluridimensional environment.  “All Pieces of a River Shore,” an installation/performance at the 2002 Whitney Biennial, incorporated a 25-foot long hanging projection apparatus which spun around the gallery space like a cinematic orrery, encircling the audience.  The installation, “Field Studies #3,” part of the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, invited viewers out of the theaters and into an enormous tent pitched in a snowy courtyard outside, where blocks of ice and pools of water transformed images into spatial catalysts. 

In the years after Silt’s hiatus Warrin has used photography as means to observe his immediate environment.  While living in San Francisco and Los Angeles he explored cracks in the urban landscape, places at the edges of the designed and maintained city, where an ephemeral architecture of entropy meets the ever-ready vitality of weed-wilderness.  Here he engaged in a shadow archeology where cast-off shoes and abandoned lots offer “Signs of Life” amidst a culture of erasure.  Conversely, his “non-urban” photos from this time seek out traces of human inscription upon the natural landscape.  



Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, 1965

Lives and works in Bolinas, California.    



"The Language of Prehistoric Sound," Farmstand Gallery, Bolinas, CA             March, 2017

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SOLO SHOWS (w/ Silt)

Selected Works, Chicago 8: Small Gauge Film Festival,  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL   January 6, 2015

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1st Place, New Visions, 37th San Francisco International Film Festival, 1994 (Kuch Nai)

Certificate of Merit, New Visions, 39th San Francisco International 

Film Festival, 1996 (Shadows of the Son)

3rd place, US Super-8 Film Festival, 1997 (Shadows of the Son)

San Francisco Bay Guardian, Goldie Award, 1995

AEA Award, Bay Area Video Coalition, 1998



Penny Stamps Distinguished Visitors Series, University of Michigan, March 2004

Headlands Center for the Arts: Artists-in-Residence February-December, 1998

The Exploratorium: Artists-in-Residence, June-November, 1999



San Francisco Art Institute, Visiting Faculty, 2003-2004



Narrative of an Expedition..., WORK Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI    March 10-20, 2004

Parallax, Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin Headlands, CA    November 16, 2003

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All Pieces of a River Shore,  2002 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, NY                May 18-19, 2002

The nocturnal movement of solvents and radioactivity, under the direction of black ants and honeybees,  w/ SF Cinemateque, Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard, SF, CA        July 2001

Handscrolls, Refusalon (w/ FAF), San Francisco, CA         May 2001

Kymatic Projections, Headlands Center for the Arts, CA        April, 1998 

Pnumbra (black box), “Black Box”, CCAC, Oakland, CA        February 2000

Apocatastasis, Headlands Center for the Arts, CA,             March 2000

LBRTR: Interference and Periodic Objects, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA,                 November 1999

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Lagoon, Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin Headlands, CA     July, 1998

A Tent is a Soft House, The Lab, San Francisco, CA            November, 1997




Eclipse (1999, 15m., S-8, multiple projectors)

Chromatic spectra in aqueous medium (1999, 3min., 16mm)

Archaeopteryx dreaming, (1999, 7min., 16mm)

Paranaturalist Mirror, (1999, 1.5 min., 35mm)

Kino Eyedeograms in Plant Morphology #6, (1999, 9min., 16mm) 

Urphanomen (1998>, 10min., S-8, multiple projectors)

Sisyrinchium Californicum, (1998, 2 min., 35mm)

For the Unaided Eye andHand Lens (1997>, 10 min. S-8, multiple projectors)

Shadows of the Son (1996,7 min. S-8)

Let’s Go To Bury (1994, 6min., S-8, multiple projectors)

Aspiratia (1994, 15 min., S-8)

Kuch Nai (1992, 38 min., S-8)

Grapefruitfilm (1990, 2.5 min, S-8)

Conflict (1990, 9min.,S-8, multiple projectors) 




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